White Torrent Planter

BTW Ceramics


  • White Torrent Planter - Young & Able
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  • White Torrent Planter - Young & Able
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  • White Torrent Planter - Young & Able
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  • White Torrent Planter - Young & Able
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  • Each planter is thrown on the wheel and unglazed with drainage holes in the base
  • Measures approximately 4" wide by 3.5" tall.
  • Because every item is made by hand, variation in size and shape are to be expected.

For designer Brooke Winfrey, the aim with btw ceramics is to create minimal functional ceramics that are modern and approachable with an added sense of playfulness. With creative details such as precocious lines that can't ever be straight or subtle uneven texture, the hand formed shapes are highlighted and draw attention to the creation process. The pieces are at home in a number of settings, from a more formal dinner setting to a simple morning cup of joe with a quick bite. Each piece embraces the playful nature of clay and accentuates its idiosyncrasies by pairing raw, rough edges with smooth, flowing lines. 

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