Linen & Lace Handwoven Tapestry

Ibu Textiles


  • Linen & Lace Handwoven Tapestry
  • Linen & Lace Handwoven Tapestry

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This limited edition weaving is part of a new series designed specifically for Ibu Textiles. Inspired by the beauty of natural linen and lace techniques, each piece was hand crafted with great detail on a frame loom. With this particular design, light shines through the weaving, creating an airy mystical effect. Woven at home in New York City on a miniature frame loom, each piece is crafted with care using linen, linen paper cotton and silk. It can be displayed on a wall or hung from a ceiling so the natural sunlight can reflect through the piece. It makes for a distinct alternative to a 2-dimensional print or painting.


  • Tapestry 4 3/4" x 15"
  • Dowel 6 3/4"

Ibu Textiles is a line of hand woven products uniquely weaved by Jennifer. With the use of floor and frame looms, she likes to blend traditional and experimental techniques. This current line exhibits a strong design aesthetic inspired by her experiences finding peace and calm in an urban city. Traveling plays a vital role in her inspiration as well, and the name itself, Ibu, means 'Mother' in Indonesian.

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